You have followed an inactive link or shortcut. This LearnCenter is no longer active.
To access PSC-related training (along with additional LabCorp training), please visit the main LEaD learning site using the directions below.
1.    Log in at
2.    Select     My Work Day > My Learning and Development
3.    Click the LEaD icon. No password is required.
4.     To view your assigned courses, select "My Learning Plan" under "My Required Learning" or "Quick Links"
All training records of courses completed in this LearnCenter are also available in the primary LEaD site. To view completed courses, log in to LEaD and select "My Learning History".
If you do not have access to and need access to LEaD training, please speak with your supervisor or send an e-mail to

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Employees should access this site by logging into and selecting the LEaD link on "My Workday > My Learning and Development"

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